Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh

Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh: The educational development in Bangladesh is in impressive stream. The higher education structure is constructed by University Grant Commission(UGC) of Bangladesh that focuses on building up and improving the course model to accommodate the international academic development. There are 56 private university in Bangladesh which handle the qualitative enhancement and improvement of higher studies to the long term of the country. The private universities operate many scholarship plans for the enhancement of the meritorious students of Bangladesh.

Top 10 Private University in Bangladesh

1. North South University

North South University is the 1st private university in Bangladesh, authorized by the Bangladesh government. Honorable President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of NSU. North South University presents Undergraduate and also Graduate degrees in just about all fields of Science , Humanities, Business & Engineering, Law, Agriculture, Language and also Medicine. NSU applies the North American’s academic system using it’s different characteristics like sectional exams or semesters, letter grades, credit hours, one examiner system and more. For their excellent structure of academic plans in higher education as well as research, this university is still in top outstanding history to generate some great future of the nation.

2. Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)

Independent University is among the list of pioneering private university in Bangladesh, wherever the history is to become on top rated of any educational quality records. IUB offers a powerful group of programs and even the faculty here consider in life time studying system. Established in 1993, this private university has over 4000 students in the different departments of education. The finest aspect of this university is the powerful faculty members & the student-teacher ration firmly managed. They maintained tidy to provide proper education. It offers numerous academic and also scholarship plans time to time. It motivates the students on primarily research dependent studies.

3. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) is one of the well-known private technical universities situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It offers an enormous undergraduate and also graduate degree programs in nearly 20 types of technical as well as business subjects. The university labs are furnished having a different type of contemporary instruments and technology to accommodate every require to their student. They support them to continuing researches.

4. BRAC University

BRAC University arrived to presence from 2001. To be a new age university, it is constructed with the up-to-date strategy of teaching and also addition of its course. BRAC University is the only affiliate of the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) in Bangladesh. This private university is primarily recognized for its advanced techniques in the field regarding coaching their students to suit in the global world. They offer a brilliant syllabus for 38 undergraduate as well as graduate programs.

5. East West University

The primary slogan of East West University is to deliver quality education in reasonable cost in Bangladesh. The founder members of this private University planned for an institution, devoid of politics as well as money producing system in education. Therefore, a similar stage of non-discrimination and also chance is provided to students, that is a rare found aspect. The university offers numerous graduate and undergraduate courses through Applied Statistics to Genetic Engineering as well as Biotechnology.

6. American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

American International University Bangladesh was established in 1994. It is constantly runs to the enhancement of academic quality as well as brilliance. This university has a computer centered education system to handle their students using the fast technical development globally. It constantly enhances the educational services and facilities, responsive of the unlimited change as well as the demands of the society. There are some undergraduate and graduate courses in this worldwide stricken institution. The university has a large library that is considered to be the primary resource to support their student having more recommendations other than the fundamental course studies.

7. United International University (UIU)

It has build combined degree and credit transfer facilities along with famous universities of overseas to bring up top quality education and facilitate foreign degrees accessible to the students in Bangladesh. It offers many graduate as well as post graduate courses wit it’s programs.

8. University of Science and Technology Chittagong (USTC)

University of Science and Technology Chittagong is one of the top rated and leading private university in Bangladesh. This university is famous for the Department of Medicine. A significant number of abroad students join here to study a range of undergraduate, graduate and also research courses in all major science as well as technical subjects. University of Science and Technology Chittagong is situated in a beautiful area of Chittagong in a hilltop location. The university offers housing facility adjoining to campus for the foreign students.

9. International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)

International Islamic University Chittagong is one of the top ranked private university in Bangladesh. The university is most widely known for the tight guideline and rule. They seek to educate their students in every single aspect of life. It offers a massive educational programs list increasing from Humanities to Business and also Law to Islamic Studies.

10. University of Development Alternative (UODA)

University of Development Alternative is a another well known private university in Bangladesh. It provides four-year honors degrees and some postgraduate programs in 10 subjects within the direction of 4 faculties. It’s campuses are located in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh