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Krishi Bank Senior Officer MCQ & Written Question Solve 2017

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Senior Officer MCQ & Written Question Solve 2017. BKB Senior Officer (SO) MCQ Test and Written Test Question Solution 2017 publish here. Bangladesh Krishi Bank Job Exam QUSTION SHOLVED. Bangladesh Krishi Bank Has Been Published A Great Career Opportunities. In according to This Job Circular, The Deadline For Apply This Job Is 4 January 2017. Bangladesh Krishi Bank Job Question Solution 2017. 

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Job Question Solution 2017

(General Knowledge -Solution)
1. Free Trade area of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay = MERCOSUR
    2. Head quarter of AIIB = Beijing
    3. Currency of Argentina = Peso
    4. Black Money = income illegally obtained or not declared for tax purposes.
    5. Anti Money Laundering Structure currently in force in BD was enacted in the year = 2002 (Amended in 2012)
    6. Hard Loan = requires repayment in the currency of a strong eonomy
    7. First private bank = AB Bank
    8. Uruguay Round = WTO
    9. Targets of SDG = 169
    10. Who administered Oath to ministers of the Mujibnagar = Prof Yusuf Ali
    11. In media the news of genocide in Dhaka = Simon Dring
    12. Last battle against Pakistan army in 1971 = rayer bazar.
    13. Nobel peace prize of 2016 was awarded to negotiate with= FARC
    14. Nursultan Äbishuly Nazarbayev is the President of = Kazakhstan
    15. Last APEC summit was held in = Peru
    16. french veteran seriously considered joining the Bangladesh liberation war= Andre Malaurax
    17. Nobel prize in Economics in 2016 = oliver hart and bengt holmstrom
    18. Bangladesh Banks (nationalization) order was = 16, 1971
    19. Headquarter of proposed LDC Bank = Turkey
    20. Is not a scheduled bank = Probashi Kollyan Bank

Senior officer (BKB) Math Part with Answer:

    In a mixture the ratio of apples,peaches and grapes is 6:5:2. If the total mixture is 39 pounds then what is the difference between apples and grapes??
    Ans: 12 pounds
    2. A man goes to his office at a certain time. If his waking speed is 5kmh then he is 7 minutes late. When his speed is 6kmh he reaches 5minutes before. How far his office from his house?
    Ans: 6 km
    3. A man deposits 5000 tk at 5% annual interest for six months. In every six months he withdraws tk 500 from his principal plus interest earned. What is the total amount of interest he received?
    Ans: 687.5
    4. A man interest and wages from his investment tk 5000. If he invests double then the wages increased 50% and total amount is tk 8000. What is his actual income in terms of wages and interest?
    Ans: 4000 tk n 1000 tk
    5. 20 men can finish a work in 30 days. After how many days can 5persons leave the work and the remaining work can be finished in 35 days?
    Ans: 15 days

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Bangladesh Krishi Bank Recruitment Question Answers 2017